Yo no cojo cotorra

Creating awareness about the “Amazona Ventralis”, a type of parrot endemic to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

This bird is known for it’s bright colors (green, red, yellow) and it’s playful character. A common nickname for this kind of bird is “cuca”. The bird is known for using this word himself, since people repeat the word so much around them.

A lot of people like to have this animal as a pet, which has led to illegal poaching and selling of the bird. This results in bird’s habitats being destroyed and it’s lineages cut. If the situation continues, the species will become extinct.

This print ad is part of a proposal I developed for a competition in my university. The proposal won second place and was recognised for it’s clever use of cultural heritage.

Client: UNIBE
Date: 2009
Services: Copy, Graphic Design, Advertising