With in/visible hidden noise

Interactive multimedia experience based on an interplay between touch and the other senses.

“In this interactive installation, Sosa presents a black box with a hole, into which we can put our hand.

Inside, we discover objects that we can only imagine through touch. The Arduino- based sensors and speakers system detects our touch and reacts with a series of audible and visual signals.

While we explore the physical object hidden from our eyes, we experience its corresponding audiovisual-virtual object. A mental picture emerges from what we touched and we must confront the electronic image together with it. Unlike a musical instrument, including electronic instruments, the object being “played” remains unalterable, unchanging and inaccessible to our eyes. What is generating the fluctuation of the perceivable image, will be the drift of our fingers out of curiosity”

Gustavo Romano

Shown at the VI Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo Fundación Once, alongside the work of Salvador Dalí, Stelarc, Neil Harbisson, Peter Vogel, Kyle McDonald, Eva and Franco Mattes, among many others.

The full text about the exhibition by its curator Gustavo Romano can be found here.

Featured in the television show “Metrópolis” on national Spanish television (TVE)