Waves, wind and interferences

A generative music piece that combines physical and digital interaction.




(“Ondas, viento, interferencias”)

An interactive sound installation that generates a musical piece in real time, through the interplay of various components that construct analogies between the digital and the analogue, the mechanic and the organic.

The installation consists of three prepared fans. Two of these fans have speakers fixed to their grills. These two speakers play different chords in a random fashion. The other fan faces a wind chime, adding a percussive organic element to the sound. The fans are turned on by blowing through tubes that are located at the front of the installation. The fans also turn themselves on for spurts of time.

When the fans blade move, they cause a physical interference in the electronic sound coming out of the speaker, similar to the effect an oscillator filter has on a sine wave. A dialogue occurs between the physical action of blowing and the wind generated by a machine. The machine and the user himself become the interpreter of the musical piece.

Featured in PAMPAM15! at Centro del Carmen (Valencia, Spain).

Recording of music that was generated from the installation.