The Sound of Your Face

An instrument that is played with the movements of your face and body + synesthetic experience

“The Sound of Your Face” is an audiovisual interactive installation, an instrument that is played with the face’s movements, creating a synesthetic experience, where visual and sonic creation is simultaneous and sensitive. Through a ludic dynamic, it offers a friendly experience where the user creates music through his movement and an image of himself that is captured and modified in real time.

It’s a reimagining of the portrait through sound and movement. The monochromatic image highlights the face’s most prominent gestures. The result is a sort of audiovisual mirror.

The piece was constructed with Pure Data. Video is processed in real time using face recognition algorithms, generating data that is translated into sound and color.

Featured in the Albertina FISAD 2015.

City of Valencia award in the Interactive Design category, Valencia Crea Awards 2015.