Natural user interface that works as a musical instrument.

Thesis project for the Master of Visual Arts & Multimedia (UPV)

Kinesound is a natural user interface that works as a musical instrument. It consists of an iPhone 5 mobile phone, a special bracelet, a computer and custom made software built in the Pure Data IDE. This instrument is played with the mobile phone’s movement, which is fixed onto the user’s arm with the bracelet. The sound is generated through the software in the computer, which receives the sensors’ information from the mobile phone.

It’s a tool that serves the purposes of:

  • Offering the experience of musical creation to beginners and experts as well.
  • Revealing another vision of the body, its movements and gestures, through a sonic aesthetic.
  • Prioritize principles of improvisation, intuition, observation, experimentation, the non-academic, spontaneity and expression in the practice of music and sound art.

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