Hi, i’m Julio Sosa

I’m a multimedia artist

Through Interactive installations, video and sound, I explore topics concerning emotional and irrational experiences behind machine-human interaction. These consist of a series of inputs and outputs; through my work, I disorganise these flows of information in non-conventional ways, which results in experiments that have to do as much with interfaces as with music and movement. His work has been awarded and shown in Italy and Spain.

I also work in a multimedia performance group called NoDos3, along with Cristina Ghetti and Elia Torrecilla.

Selected Projects


Natural user interface that works as a musical instrument.

Website: wordpress.com
Date: 2017
Services: Interactive Art, UI Design

Waves, wind and interferences

A generative music piece that combines physical and digital interaction.

Client: Centro del Carmen
Date: 18 de Septiembre - 20 de Octubre

With in/visible hidden noise

Interactive multimedia experience based on an interplay between touch and the other senses.

Date: 2016

The Sound of Your Face

An instrument that is played with the movements of your face and body + synesthetic experience

Date: 2015