Hi, i’m Julio

I’m a multimedia creative with an expertise in communication, design and technology.

I am skilled in audiovisual and interactive media, communication, design and web. My approach to any project is to listen, analyse and conceptualise, to identify the client’s needs and opportunities. I would describe my work style as a mixture of free flowing creativity, scientific research and business minded execution. Because of my multidisciplinary profile I often take the role of team manager, because of my ability to understand the different aspects of any project: technical, creative and business.

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Selected Projects


Natural user interface that works as a musical instrument.

Website: wordpress.com
Date: 2017
Services: Interactive Art, UI Design

Capital Animal

Capital Animal is a platform that promotes animal rights through art and culture, organising various events such as exhibitions, conferences, audiovisual projections, etc. They organised an edition of this festival in Valencia and they needed a webpage that reflected their values in a colourful, fun manner. I designed and maintained this website, which I developed in Wordpress.

Client: Valencia Capital Animal
Date: September, 2017
Services: Design, Website

Waves, wind and interferences

A generative music piece that combines physical and digital interaction.

Client: Centro del Carmen
Date: 18 de Septiembre - 20 de Octubre

20/20 Publicidad

Brief overview of the work I did at 20/20 Publicidad Worldwide Partners Inc. A big player in the advertising industry of Dominican Republic.

Client: 20/20 Publicidad Worlwide Partners Inc.
Website: facebook.com
Date: 2011 - 2013
Services: Advertising, Production, Casting

Yo no cojo cotorra

This bird is known for it’s bright colors (green, red, yellow) and it’s playful character. A common nickname for this kind of bird is “cuca”. The bird is known for using this word himself, since people repeat the word so much around them.

A lot of people like to have this animal as a pet, which has led to illegal poaching and selling of the bird. This results in bird’s habitats being destroyed and it’s lineages cut. If the situation continues, the species will become extinct.

This print ad is part of a proposal I developed for a competition in my university. The proposal won second place and was recognised for it’s clever use of cultural heritage.

Client: UNIBE
Website: unibe.edu.do
Date: 2009
Services: Copy, Graphic Design, Advertising

Laura Palau

Laura Palau is an artist that works with the subjects of light and shadow. She uses different techniques of photography and moving image in her work. Her style is graceful, subtle, minimalistic and conceptual. We wanted her online portfolio to reflect these same sensibilities.

Client: Laura Palau
Date: March, 2017
Services: Design, Website

With in/visible hidden noise

Interactive multimedia experience based on an interplay between touch and the other senses.

Date: 2016

The Sound of Your Face

An instrument that is played with the movements of your face and body + synesthetic experience

Date: 2015

CL Trans

Corporate identity for import/export company.

Client: CL Trans
Date: 2016
Services: Graphic Design, Advertising


The Federación de Societats Musicals de la Comunitat Valenciana groups over 500 musical societies and their corresponding music schools in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón. The FMSCV represents the cultural heritage and spirit of community of these 3 provinces.

Client: FSMCV
Website: fsmcv.org
Services: Graphic Design


Valencia Crea
City of Valencia prize in Interactive Design
PAM! 2014
Jury selected my piece in/visible hidden noise
Cannes Young Lions
Bronze in Film for Sandbag


Jun 2016 - Jun 2017
Graphic Designer/Web Designer at Mideo
Valencia, Spain
Apr 2011 - Sep 2013
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic